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Electric drill, impact drill, hammer drill, and the difference between the hammer
12-27-2016 Publisher:HTT-tools.com

The drill is simply resorting to the motor drive gear to rotate the drill bit to increase the strength, the form of the drill do the scraping on metal, wood and other substances to penetrate.

In the drill chuck with the adjustment knob at the impact of drilling work, adjustable drilling and impact drilling in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of beating each other within the shaft gear to achieve impact, the impact is far less than the hammer. It can also be drilled reinforced concrete, but ineffective.

Hammer (hammer) is not the same, it is the use of bottom gear motor drives the two structures, a set of drill achieve it, while the other set is driven by the piston, if the engine hydraulic stroke, have a strong impact, along with the drill effect. Forces can crack stone points gold.

Let motor driven hammer is thrown mound swinging do bounce run of form that has produced pickaxe Gouge ground effect. Ho is the use of hydraulic transmission compressor driven by the gas pressure in the pump electrical ho rebound hammer to move, resulting in Ho Gouge ground effect, but only a chisel hammer, pickaxe it does not rotate.

All in all, only just able to drill, impact drill can drill can also have a little hammering effect. Hammer drill can drill and higher hammering, hammering only and hammer you can not drill.