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The difference between electric drill and electric hammer
12-27-2016 Publisher:HTT-tools.com

The difference between drills and hammer include:

1, small sample sizes.

2, of course, is not the same weight. Only drill inside the motor (rotor stator) and the gears are biting and some number of revolutions, the hammer is not the same, because called "hammer" so it has impact, concrete can be drilled. Stones and other hard materials. So the volume is larger than the drill bit hammer, hammer there should be important parts of the cylinder, connecting rod, piston and so on. The drill can drill wood, metal, plastics and other materials.

3, drill just rotated without longitudinal vibration.

4, hammer only rotation and longitudinal vibrations. If you use a metal hammer drill holes, the two have to finish off the next drill, drill ophthalmic if you hit the cement, in all likelihood play out.

5. Drill: coupled with the corresponding drill can be drilled in different material objects. Impact drill: drill more than ordinary small vibration drilling capacity, suitable for drilling in stone above, impact drill advantage is that the impact of small to avoid damage to the fragile material. Hammer: a great impact on the function of the object directly impact damage.

6. Hammer: Professional strong surface, concrete, stone puncturing above, there multifunction hammer, adjusted to the appropriate location coupled with appropriate drill can replace ordinary electric drill, hammer use.

7, hammer piston movement is the use of compressed gas impact drill, do not need to hand so much effort, you can Coagulation Fig. brick. Open stone and other hard materials hole 6--100mm of drill hole in said material having a high efficiency, but it can not be openings in the metal. Impact drill is not, it requires human pressure on the metal, wood and other materials hole diameter of 6-50. The advantage is vibration, high precision openings, price is not high. Also they are not the same with the drill, the drill is set with the former alloy, which is an ordinary cutting drill.

8, when the impact of drilling in the drill chuck at the adjustment knob, adjustable drilling and impact drilling points in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of beating each other within the shaft gear to achieve impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It can also be drilled reinforced concrete, but ineffective.

9, hammer (hammer) is not the same, it is the use of two sets of gear motor driven bottom structure, a realization that the drill, while another set of pistons are driven, like hydraulic stroke engine, have a strong impact, along with drilling results. Forces can crack stone points gold hammer is to make motor driven swinging thrown mound do bounce run of form that has produced pickaxe Gouge ground effect.

Ho is the use of hydraulic transmission compressor driven by the gas pressure in the pump electrical ho rebound hammer to move, resulting in Ho Gouge ground effect, but only a chisel hammer, pickaxe it does not rotate.